We don’t believe in waste. One person’s used piece of furniture is definitely another’s treasure at BlueMahoe HomeGoods!

Understanding the need to maximize the remaining value of once treasured possessions belonging to expatriates and residents alike, resulted in the creation of this online Garage Sale. Bargain Hunters in Barbados can therefore use this secure and accessible outlet to purchase a wide inventory of  USED home goods.


When moving house, there may be items of furniture, equipment or appliances which won’t fit your new space. BlueMahoe HomeGoods seeks to find the perfect home for those excess items.


We make available a wide category of home goods ranging from large pieces of bed and living room furniture, appliances, home gym exercise equipment to gadgets, accessories, collectibles and home decor items.

Find great deals on genuine functional items in satisfactory to mint condition. We are also happy to offer further discounts on bundled purchases made at the same time.

Please help us in “Giving Used a New Home…